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Blue Thistle can help you trace Birth Parents or give advice about access to Adoption Records in Scotland

If you have been adopted, you will naturally have an enduring desire to find information about your birth parents, and details of the adoption itself will be important to you.

We have experience of helping clients to trace this type of information, and have successfully advised on issues of access to Scottish adoption records, based on previous professional experience.

One client was delighted when our advice about access to adoption records and our research yielded considerable detail about her birth parents and also detailed information about her step brothers and sisters.

Although we discovered that her natural mother was now deceased, the client was especially pleased to find the reasons which forced her 17 year old mother to place her for adoption, and took considerable comfort from the fact that her mother had gone on to lead a happy married life, with several other children.

We are very much aware of the issues of ethics and confidentiality which arise in this area of work, and aim to handle these with the utmost sensitivity. Generally, we would expect to pass details to the client, and leave it to them to make the approaches.    However, if asked to undertake this task, we do reserve the right to withhold information, in certain exceptional circumstances.

If you would like to provide advice or assist you in this sensitive area, please just send us an email.     





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