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Living Relatives

Recently we have had several requests to trace living relatives, descended from someone living in Scotland.     This has proved to be quite a different challenge to tracing back a family tree, but we have enjoyed the detective work, and it has been most rewarding.

We have been able to come up with quite a few relatives and their addresses in response to every request to date.

We are very much aware of the issues of ethics and confidentiality which arise in this area of work, and aim to handle these with the utmost sensitivity. Generally, we would expect to pass details to the client, and leave it to them to make the approaches.   However, if asked to undertake this task, we do reserve the right to withhold information, in certain exceptional circumstances.

If you would like to find some living relatives, it is best to remember that tracing them and making contact can take a considerable time. It is best to plan a few months for this task. Sometimes however, success comes more quickly. In summer 2010, in response to an urgent request, we successfully traced two sets of living relatives within 4 weeks, for a lady from the USA. There had been no contact with these branches of her family for around 100 years.

The lady arrived in Scotland 4 weeks later, visited both families in Stirlingshire, and was delighted to receive a very warm welcome ! In her view, these reunions had made a wonderful holiday even better, and she will stay in touch with her Scottish family.

If you would like to find some long lost relatives from your family tree, just send us an email and Blue Thistle Genealogy will start searching !       





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